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Return On Investment

One of the best returns on investment (ROI) is to buy down debt that accumulates high interest. If you have debt at a 20% interest rate and can move that debt to, say, 10%, you have effectively received a return on the investment of your time, energy, debt and/or money of 10%. There are not many very low risk investments that provide this kind of return these days.


$$$Savings Imperative$$$

If a person lowers their interest rates on their debt, the payments normally will go down drastically. Below is an example. Each debtors payments will be slightly different because of interest, size of debt, etc. These figures are only an example and quoted from major national U.S. banks; your actual figures will vary according to your circumstances. Contact us,, and we can give you a personal evaluation.

If you are like most debtors, you owe around $10,000+ on a variety of credit cards and other debt instruments (car loans, personal debt, etc.) If your interest rates vary between 18% to 24%+, your current minimum payment will be around $400 per month (on a $10,000 combined debt.)

By lowering your interest rate to, say, only around 3.0%, your new minimum payment would be about $175.

Old minimum payment:    $400.00
New minimum payment:   $175.00
Savings per month:           $225.00

If you have a larger debt load, or higher interest rate, then you stand to save even more per month.

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